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Thread: Pickling Ti Rod

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    Default Pickling Ti Rod

    Guys today I'm going to try and pickle my 1/16 Ti rod.I adjust the voltage up to 15 volts and was wondering how long to leave it and do I need to set the amps(no reading)?Some place I readed that to leave it on till the voltage drops to 0.I can't remember if that info came from here or that google guy.Tks and guys sorry for all the questions----Carroll

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    Default Re: Pickling Ti Rod

    Well I'm guessing that the rod needs to be in the solution to burn the rod,cause I've tried it for about 30mins without success,still at 15volts and no amps in the dry bucket(no solution).---Carroll

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    Default Re: Pickling Ti Rod

    Run all your Ti hanging wires in solution at full volts, full current until voltage drops to near zero. The rods will turn color, which corresponds to the amount of volts you ran (20 volts will be a different color than 30 volts).
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