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Thread: Polishing inner cylinder fins on motorcycle.

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    Default Re: Polishing inner cylinder fins on motorcycle. used to sell this.

    Cylinder head and barrel fin polishing kit

    A specially designed kit that firstly includes ali brite cleaner, this is a dilute acid based cleaner to remove oxidisation. The kit includes special cratex abrasive cylinders made from premium quality silicon carbide moulded to shape. They fit into the fins on an engine for initial cleaning, leaving an excellent surface for the final professional finish achieved with felt cylinders and compounds provided.

    1 x Ali Brite cleaner fluid (handle with care!)
    1 x felt long series spindle
    1 x cratex long series spindle
    1x grey polishing compoundicon
    1 x white polishing compoundicon
    1 x drill arbour
    1 x 2 x 1 calico finishing mopicon
    10 x cratex abrasive cylinders 6 x 25
    15 x felt polishing bobs 6 x 25
    1 x dust mask
    1 x instructions
    1 x polishing manual

    The specially designed cratex and felt cylinder were small enough to fit in between the fins and they were all you need (plus the calico mopicon) to get to a mirror finish polish.

    The pictures are still there. It will be removed in a few days.

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    Default Re: Polishing inner cylinder fins on motorcycle.

    I did see once where somone polished motorcycle cylinder and heads using wire brushes. The started with stiffer steel ones, and progressed to soft brass ones. Sorry there aren't any more specifics, but the right brush would get into all the nooks and crannies. Might be something to think about if the abrasive sticks don't work out.


    Quote Originally Posted by sinr98 View Post
    Hi guys. I was wondering if any one has ever tried abrasive sticks for mold and die making to sand and polish the inner fins of a motorcycle cylinder? They make the abrasive sticks for different materials, sizes, grits, and styles and wanted to know how they worked if anyone has tried them. Thanks for your time.
    James Bateman

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