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Thread: "Ionic Plating" (IP) - How To REMOVE It??

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    Default "Ionic Plating" (IP) - How To REMOVE It??

    This watch is coated with what the mfg. calls "Ionic Plating" (IP)

    #1 - I don't suppose it matters, but is this a "Real" process?

    #2 - Because the finish is uneven on the watch case and because the plating is already coming off of the buckle, I'd like to remove the plating altogether. (The spot on the buckle is not scratched or scuffed, it's just 'bald.')

    What is the best way to remove this plating, while leaving the polished stainless steel beneath undamaged?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: "Ionic Plating" (IP) - How To REMOVE It??

    Ionic plating is a fancy term for electroplating process, that invloves the transfer of the metal from the anode to the cathode (part being plated). If this is a decorative finish like gold or silver you can normally buff it off.

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