This is a dual plated Gold/Nickel matched pair of 1863 Remington 31 Caliber Pocket Pistols, commonly refered to as the "Pony Express" model. (Not to be confused with the Wells Fargo pocket pistols produced by Colt and others.) These pistols were unique in that they had the re-inforcing backstrap above the cylinders, unlike the Colts, and others, which had an open top frame design. The cylinders, were held in place with a removeable cylinder pin, which is locked in place by the loading lever assembly. This afforded for a very fast re-loading design, far superior to the Cold design, All someone needed to do to reload the pistol was pull out the cylinder pin, roll out the cylinder, roll in a pre-loaded spare cylinder, and re-seat and lock the cylinder pin back in place. With a little practice, this can be done as quickly as a person can exchange clips in a modern automatic pistol. This matched set, has double 24Kt Gold plating on the backstrap, frame, trigger gaurd and cylinder pin. All other areas of the pistol were double plated with Nickel Plating. All surfaces, for all parts were first double plated with copper, sanded and buffed, and then double plated in the finish plating. The surfaces are hand buffed to a patina finish, no machine buffed to a mirror finish. All other plating, in the case set, such as the presentation cap tin, the silver oil bottle, etc, were also home plated with Caswell products. All plating was done with the Caswell Plug N Plate systems, none were tank plated.