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Thread: Removing chrome plating from pot metal?

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    Default Removing chrome plating from pot metal?

    What is the quickest way to remove chrome from pot metal? The pieces are heavily pitted in some places. I will be filling the pits and voids after drilling and smoothing. Some of the pieces are thin and long (fragile) from a 1966 Chrysler 300 tail light bezel...

    If the answer is media blasting, which media and size?


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    I use plain old silica sand (white stuff) in a sandblast cabinet with a vacuum hooked up to it to keep the dust down.
    You will see the chrome spark as it comes off. Good indication as to when all the chrome is off. You will also be etching the nickelicon under the chrome and removing most of the corrosion doing it this way.
    After sandblasting, drill out that little vein of corrosion thats in the middle of each pit.
    48 Buick

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