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Metal Not taking color....

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  • Metal Not taking color....

    I have a bar of aluminum that im practicing on and I leave it in teh anodize for 30min @55-65 amps and 12volts and then i put in 140degree red dye for 25min and i took it out and no color,

    And how do you do fades (Eg yellow to black?)

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    Most places do these sort of effects by anodizing in one color first, then masking off certain areas you want a pattern to appear on (our Maskit product works well for this), then stripping the anodize.

    The area that was masked won't strip and the color will remain. Then re-anodize the part a different color and repeat until you get the desired result.

    I know you've posted your problem on PRS, with more details about your application, so it will be answered there. The first thing you should check is "does the part have an anodize layer?" You check this with a multimeter. If the part is not conductive, it has been anodized. We'll wait for your answer on PRS.
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