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  • Dye bleached out

    Ok, this was my second try at anodizing and it seemed to work. It took black very well and then I boiled it in distilled water for 20-30 minutes.
    During anodizing it was drawing a whapping 1/2 an amp, I calculated time and added a bunch since my practice piece was rough. I imediately put it in the dye and left it until it was very black.
    Now, the dye was just a tub of 140* distilled water and your black dye which wasn't at 140* at the end, more like 100*. I didn't use any sealer.
    The end result was a hard surface but when put in bleach the dye was removed. Does this mean the surface wasn't sealed or is bleaching aluminum oxide a no no? The piece has a copper color to it now.

    I have LT sealer coming so maybe that will take care of this. The amperage seems very low also.

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    Unless the piece you're anodizing is very small, like 2 or 3 sq. in. surface area, it sounds like your anode connection failed. The result is almost no anodize on the work (not enough to dye properly) but the anode wire is anodized wery well. If the wire was still on the work when you dyed it, I'll bet it took and held the dye.


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      Well, the dye is coming off the hanging wire also, when put in bleach. Oh, and the surface area was no more than 4sq inch(practice piece).


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        If you're work is that small (4 in. sq. surface area) 1/2 amp sounds about right.
        May I ask why you are putting it in bleach after you dyed it?


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          Simply to see if the surface sealed. It seems to me that if it did seal then bleach wouldn't be able to get to the dye, but maybe that is an incorrect assumption.