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    The recent years have been very difficult for the global aluminum market. The pandemic has made its own adjustments because aluminum began to fall in price. But there is always a way out because aluminum cathodes can be replaced with lead ones. You need cathodes for plasma cutting , right? If you can find aluminum at a reasonable price, you will need to fasten it to steel. Choose galvanized screws, they are ideal for fastening aluminum structures. You will need a drill to use. Look for the best impact driver. Oh, yes, here many people will advise you to use only a hammerless (unimpact) drill, but you should understand that most often the gearbox housing in household drills is made of plastic. Will it work? We can use metal or aluminum cases in professional models. It’s much stronger. You can make a hole in both wood and metal with that drill. you run the risk of getting huge and uneven holes if you apply these manipulations on a lead cathode.
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      1. NO LEAD. Lead is toxic, and even under the most controlled environments, it will make its way into the soil.
      2. NO STEEL. That is a problem just waiting to happen.
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