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Any pics of results with the new LCD system?

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  • Any pics of results with the new LCD system?

    Does anyone have good pictures of success/failures with the new LCD systems? I'd be interested to see some more detailed pictures than are posted in the LCD manual. (I'm guessing FiberGeek may have some... )

    If possible, I'd love to see pictures, along with the current density used, and approximate dying time. Right now, I'm planning a new system, and designing to use about 4-6 A/ft^2, based on the info in the new manual. Your pictures may help me decide if this is where I want to be or not. Thanks in advance!

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    Unfortunately, my digital camera is a cheap POS. I don't think I can provide pictures that are that much better.

    I suggest that you contact Mike Caswell directly; by either email or PM, and ask him about this.