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Dimmer switch wiring

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  • Dimmer switch wiring

    Can some one tell me and show how to wire the dimmer switch and recepticle for the LCD system.

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    This question has been "sticking in my craw", to use a 18th. century colonial expression.

    You wire the dimmer exactly as is shown in the printed instructions that are packaged with the dimmer.

    If you actually have to ask this question, maybe you shouldn't even attempt this. Wiring a lamp dimmer is within the generally accepted homeowner/handyman level of electrical skill. If you don't have this level of skill, it will be dangerous for you and you shouldn't attempt it.

    When you are dealing with 120 VAC or 220 VAC (our European members) basic electrical safety is required, these voltages are potentially lethal or at least damaging to those with no experience or knowledge.