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cast alum ?'s for the new guy.

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  • cast alum ?'s for the new guy.

    Hello all
    I have been in the process of getting my small foundry going and am ready to address the anodizing line I need to launch my product. I am not into re-inventing the wheel here so I will ask a few questions I can not find the answers to online. I will be using 6061 for my alloy as it seems to ano very well. any help from you folks will help me choose the right products.
    1) how critical is the cathode material ie 1000/6000 series or lead and what ratio do you recomend? My product has 24 sqin per piece I would like to do them 10 at a time if I can afford the rectifier
    2) how much space should be between the the anode and catode in the bath 2" or so?
    3) does the entire part need to be immersed in the bath? only a portion of my products needs the benifits of anodization. This will help with the loss of conductivity I hear about so much......
    4) how many amps per sq ft do you recomend.
    5) I am going to have tanks fabricated locally, Can I use silicone to seal down air lines and heat exchanger parts in the ano bath?
    6) do the cathode plates get very hot or are they about the same as the bath temp? I ask because I need to determine the plastic required for tanks based on service temps. I do not expect to do anything much hotter than 120f.
    7) What about the "Bright dip" I read about on the enemy web site? Is this hocus pokus or do you have something like it?
    Thats enough for now thanks for your time in advance Will

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    If you looked at the online manual and the LCD instructions you could have found all of your answers.

    1. The cathode surface area should be at least as large as the work (anode) surface area. It does no harm for the cathode to be much larger.
    Cathode material can be nearly any alloy of aluminum, lead, or titanium.
    Your 240 total parts area would require 15V peak at 10A continous at a current density of 6A/sq.ft..

    2. 3" minimum distance from the work and any cathode surface. More distance doesn't hurt.

    3. The part not immersed won't anodize of course. If the anode connection stays out of the electrolyte you will have few problems with connection degradation, and you can use ordinary alligator clips or whatever.

    4. The current density depends on what you want; do you want to enhance dyeing, anodizing speed, coating durability, or equipment cost?
    Asking "how many amps" is just as meaningless as asking "how many volts". The required current density determines both.

    5. I don't know.

    6. The cathode had better remain at the same temperature as the electrolyte. If anything is getting hot in the anodizing tank you are doing something seriously wrong. If the anodizing tank ever gets over 75 deg. F. your power dissipation is way too high, and your anodization will suffer greatly.

    7. I wasn't aware of an "enemy website".
    Are you referring to a deoxodation/desmutting dip? Using this would be a good idea with castings or forgings. I use Caswell's desmut with good results.


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      Thanks for the info!

      Thanks for the info. I did not have access to the manual when I posted as I have not yet purchased product from you folks. I asked first to make an educated purchase. I have since paid for the manual and am unable to get it downloaded......I will take that up with tech support. When I spoke of the enemy I was referering to your compitition and all the posts on these forums about the bad service people have recieved. I have a real problem with companys that provide bad customer service. I need to put together a small production line. Consistancy is the key from both the user and the products. I hope I have come to the right place. I will get back and post the results when I get my hands on the manual and get this up and running.
      Thanks again 8knots


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        I have had only good service from Caswell. I can't count the number of horror stories I have heard about Hobby Plating ripping people off!



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          Hobbyplating contact info...cell block H

          I'm one of the latest to be ripped off from What started out as really good service and support went south quickly. I only got about half of my last order. I did track down the owner to a jail cell in Maryland. If anybody needs to file a complaint about fraud, I have the contact information to do so. I don't want to get into it very deep but I was told by the detective they have found 8 alias identities on the owner so far. There are 10 people filing suit (including myself) as of 11/19/03 just on the fraud charges alone. Contact Detective Michael Cunningham @443.309.0194. I hope this will hope others as it has myself.