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  • annodizing sealant safe for parts...

    hi i was wondering if the caswell annodizing sealant is safe for food related parts.i have made a few shot glasses and would like to annodize them,but i dont no much about the cold sealant.if someone could give me some info it would be greatly appreaciated,thanks,jake.

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    I think Mike could provide the definitive answer to this.

    FWIW, my take on a sealant for food applications would be to boil the heck out of it in pure water. You are now not introducing any chemicals to be in contact with the food, considering also that the food in this case is also a good solvent.


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      if im going to boil it for a longer time instead of using the cold sealant should i leave it in my dye dank for a longer time?


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        If your anodization method provided an acceptable pore structure, there would be no need to change your dyeing time.

        If you find yourself in a situation where you actually need to use a chemical sealant to prevent excessive dye leeching, your anodize pores are too large or the coating is too thin, or both.

        Chemical sealing is supposed to provide a faster alternative to the old fashioned way of sealing; by heat. It was not intended to be a crutch to get by with a poor pore structure or inadaquate coating thickness.