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Comprehensive anodising book

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  • Fibergeek
    That one isn't easy to come by (out of print?) and is quite expensive.

    Light Metals Finishing Process Manual By D.C. Montgomery may be useful to you, and is in the $50.00 (US) range.

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  • whistule
    started a topic Comprehensive anodising book

    Comprehensive anodising book

    I am wondering if there is a comprehensive book on anodising which covers commercial anodising systems. More often than not I find myself wondering how commercial anodisers get round the problems we home anodisers face. I have been recommended this book and I was wondering if anyone knows about it or has an online source.

    The Surface Treatment and Finishing of Aluminum and its Alloys by S. Wernick, R. Pinner and P.G. Sheasby [published by ASM International Finishing (Metals Park, Ohio, U.S.A.) and Publications LTD. (Teddington, Middlesex, England)]