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Unfamiliar with LCD anodizing

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  • Unfamiliar with LCD anodizing

    I am in the process of setting up my lab. I have about 3/4 of my equipment in place in the tank room and my buff/blast room is done. Being a newbie to anodizing, as well as newbie to the Caswell Camp, I am still unfamiliar with the products here. The folks are very helpful here, especially since the bulk of my equipment and chemicals (the ones I did receive) came from the enemy camp. Lance has been great helping me to get the rest of my supplies in order. The material I have been reading from the other manual, seems to be a standard method of anodizing. What are the differences in setup/process/results/efficiency between standard and LCD anodizing? I appreciate your time and input,

    Many thanks to the folks at Caswell

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    The main difference in this method of anodizing and the previous method is that you use a current density of about 4.5 A/ft^2 - 6 A/ft^2 vs. the standard 12 A/ft^2. In order to make this work properly, you need a weaker electrolyte solution than before, and you will be controlling the current output of your power supply, so a rectifier or lab power supply is recommended if you want a truly automated system. Otherwise, you will be monitoring the system and tweaking the PS during the entire process.