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Engravings ands anodised aluminium - off the beaten track

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  • Engravings ands anodised aluminium - off the beaten track

    I am looking for something to fill an engraving in anodized aluminium. Up till now I have been engraving before anodizing and then filling the engraving with a small amount of cold enamel which works great for coloured engravings. But now I am looking for something with a metallic finish - almost like chrome. Solder wont stick and normal metallic vitreous enamels need to be baked at 1472 deg F - not the best for the aluminium or finish I suspect. I have not yet come across metallic cold enamel. The only other Idea I have is drop some fine powdered metal into a resin and apply that to the engraving but I am not sure how this would look. Any ideas?

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    Go look at Brownells is a major supplier of gunsmithing supplies and tools world wide. They have gold and silver leaf "fillings" that might do the job for you. Filling engravings; to improve the contrast, is commonly done on presentation grade firearms. It might work in your application.

    edit: I tested the link to brownells, it doesn't work, type it in manually.


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      Thanks Fiber,

      I took a look at that and have found a supplier of similar over here. Waiting for a sample to see how well it works.