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  • Black Dye Question

    Ok, I am new and I did a test run yesterday and by all rights it matched the gun parts, it wouldn't scratch easy and other than the part where I put the piece in and then took it back out for a second to get more wire, I was pretty darn happy. Fast forward to today... I'm getting good coverage on all parts, but after the dye process the parts are looking somewhat purple and perhaps a little translucent.. Did I not allow enough time? Or did I get my Dye too hot? Or did I miss something all together? Thanks in advance.

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    dont know your process but it seems your dye isnot penetrating properly maybe your pores are too small
    check your connections and anno times
    what grade of alloy are you using
    also its good to give your dyes a good swirl or slight agitation


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      I know enough to be dangerous as they say... thank you for the reply. These are billet uppers 7075-T6


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        you are cutting your time down 25% for that grade


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          All black dyes are not the same, "black" dyes use various mixes of other colors. My guess is 2 things were off a bit. Your dye PH was possibly a bit high and you got a bluish black, if you get a reddish/brownish black PH is too low if I remember correctly, could be backwards (I have not had the problem for many years). Being translucent mean the dye is a little sparse because the anodized layer is too thin or your pore structure is off, perhaps a little of both. Regarding pore structure; if it looks translucent before sealing my guess is pores too small, if it washes out during the sealing process pores might be a bit too large. Sealer PH can be a factor too and change the color/tint during sealing. Also, just a thin anodized layer alone will contribute to a bluish tint, even if everything else is in the ballpark.