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First Anodizing bench setup, few Q's

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          Well here are some updates... The black parts above, I did 2800 of them. My first crack at all this was 2800 production parts LOL. The LCD system is amazingly consistent. Comparing my finish to the old ano company finish and to the naked eye, my batch is definitely a better finish. The big ano house finish wasn't as deep a black as I think they could have done.

          Here are some pictures of some custom stuff I have already done for customers too.

          This was my first multicolor piece. Jumping right in to an opposite splash color fade for some fast learning.

          Here is the next one I did. Customer wanted her two favorite colors used and left me up to figure out how to make it look cool.


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            Here is my first acid wash attempt with a little bit of splash. Was trying to make a "galaxy like" effect with some star specs. Need to experiment more.


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              Originally posted by blacktusk View Post
              I was getting away with multiple pictures per post, but now it's not letting me get around the 2 picture max LOL.

              Some weirdness after anodizing. Can't see this once dyed. After paying attention, I notice the lines only AFTER desmut. Not sure what it is, but it isn't affecting the parts and I guess its some weird machine finish side effect.
              I also figured out what these weird marks were. It is carbide impregnated into the aluminum. They will come up with a better way to cut that profile while maintaining the sinlge op. Can't see it when dyed black, but I played with other colors on a couple pieces and yuck. Glad to know it wasn't something I was doing wrong.