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Inkjet printing on open pore.

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  • Inkjet printing on open pore.

    Hi everyone. I need to print and anodize-protect an aluminium plate. This is my sample:
    Ad you can see, the ink erased on the top-left corner when I applied a liquid solvent.
    Long-story-short, it did not work.

    what did I did wrong? I pre-anodized it (opened the pore), printed it with Inkjet printer, and sealed it.

    May any of you shred any light on the subject? I have seen a few videos about this, it seems it can work seamlessly.

    any help will be appreciated!

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    What type of ink did you use ?
    Jason Vanderbroek
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      Hi. I am unsure about the ink. I do not own a flatbed printer, so I just sent it to a print shop and they did the job. When the piece returned, I sealed it on the hot niquel salt bath. After that, the ink feels "fluffy", like it is on top (not inside) the aluminium.

      thanks for your help!


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        [QUOTE=Caswellplating_Jason;n142576]What type of ink did you use ?[/QUO

        Not sure about the ink. Please check answer above.


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          Sounds like they printed it with UV ink by your description of the text of the ink. UV ink sits on top of the substrate and does not sink in. I have one at my shop along with Latex and dye sub.
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            Thanks! This means that UV is a no-no. Should I try sublimation instead?


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              No, The best method is still the flatbed but with solvent based inks.


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                Thanks Gardinhackle. I will give it a try!