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Been a while and having issues (new setup)

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  • Been a while and having issues (new setup)

    Ok like to say HI I'm back. Been gone way to long.
    Anyways to the problem at hand with a little back story. I used to live in jersey where I could get a way with reverse osmosis kit for my water. Now I'm in Florida. Water here is heavily chlorinated. So distilled is the only choice. But doubt that's the whole issue.

    Setup my tank a few weeks back.
    Not sure of mix\ ratio. But hydrometer says 1125 Not sure what it said when I set it up.
    First time ran tank used the old method as I didn't want to be bothered with the lcd method

    Results were good. The black came out awesome.

    Few weeks later tried the same way. And was shocked to see parts take no dye. Trying the lcd with same results even tried different parts no luck . Parts come out almost already sealed
    Tank never gets over 80deg (partly due to climate controlled garage)

    Starting to wonder if the ph in the tanks changed. I can't find a ph level for anodizing tank. Used to have but lost over time.

    I know black should be in the area of 5.5 or so.

    This is driving me nuts to why it won't work. Never had issues like this up north.

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    I can't help if its LCD but if the latter then your tank should be 180g/L or roughly 1100 SG. Another thing that is glaring is your tank temp. 80 deg is way too high. You should never let it go about 72 as you are running into dissolution to the point were there will be no pore structure for dye uptake. So, stick to one method, if using the 12ASF method then adjust your tank density. Do another run with the acid tank temp starting at 68 and make sure it doesn't go above 72 and run it for one hour exactly. Let us now what the results are.


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      Found the problem. It's the dye. Tried it again this time had a second color handy. The black failed so I stuck it in the red dye I had setup. That took perfect. Guess I need to scrape some cash up to do caswell black Again . Last time I try to cheap out. Should just stay with what I know works.