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black spots on parts

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  • black spots on parts

    Can someone help me on why I'm getting these little blacks specks on my parts. I get them after I pull them out of the anodizing tank.

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    Need to see pics but it sounds like pitting from localized overheating but could be a variety of other factors.


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      I can't figure out how to get a pic to load


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        When entering a post, click on the first of three icons that are on the right. The one that looks like a paper clip on paper and then two boxes will appear at the bottom right. Choose your method of uploading, from attachments on your desktop or from a host using a URL.


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          I think I figured out my problem. When i put the parts in the desmut is when I get the spots. As long as I don't use it I don't get them. Could my desmut gone bad. I have it mixed according to what it says on bottle


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            Where do you get your water? Tap, well, bottled? Is it DI?
            It's hard to diagnose without pictures.
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            Process control systems for anodizers
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              Still can’t load a pic. I’m using either distilled water from Walmart or use a to water system