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Ti grade for racking?

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  • Ti grade for racking?

    I need to build some racking for some parts, and I am unsure of what grade of Ti will work best. I have a bunch of 6al4v on hand and I was hoping to use that. Any suggestions? Also, if it does anodize, once it does that and forms the anodize layer, won't that act as an insulator? In other words, once anodized I should not have to account for the surface area from the rack, correct?

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    The grade you have should work fine for racking.

    You should not include titanium racking in your area calculation whether it's the first run or the last. The Titanium will consume some current, but it's negligible compared to the Aluminum's current draw. What you should do though is use a file on the rack's contact points between each run to get back to the base alloy. It doesn't take much because the coating on the rack will not be very thick.
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