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Severe Dye bleeding!

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  • Severe Dye bleeding!

    Help! Im new to anodizing. I have made few pieces, and all have the dye bleed out!

    Im using the exact size for all my tests

    6063, one side sanded satin, the other polished
    1 x 4 x 1/16

    This is my process:

    Clean and degrease, until piece pass waterbreak test.
    Anodize bath at 70ºF maintained through the whole time.
    Time & Amps: as per the 720 Rule (.3 amps for 90 mins for .75mil)
    The rectifier shows around 5.5 volts and doesn't change that much
    Rinse in DW
    Dye in Caswell Blue 4A at 70ºF for 15 mins.
    ​​​​​​​Rinse in DW
    Seal in boiling water for 20 mins.

    The piece comes out of dying with a nice, rich blue
    Once it goes to the sealer bath it looses almost all the color, and ends with a faint blue.

    Any suggestions/advice/critique would be most welcomed!

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    Everything looks good up until the sealing process - Try using Nickel Acetate sealant.


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      If you are going to use a hot water seal, don't go all the way to boiling. Keep it just under. Around 200-205 F
      Process control doesn't give you good quality, it gives you consistent quality.
      Good quality comes from consistently doing the right things.

      Process control systems for Anodizers
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        How do you have your pieces connected ?
        Jason Vanderbroek
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          Hello guys! Thanks a lot... the nickel acetate did the trick!