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  • Newby sealant questions

    Hello everyone!
    I have a few questions about sealing the anodize part:

    1) Is it true about the life span of Caswell sealant? I´m only anodizing a few pieces a week.
    2) How can you tell when is not working anymore?
    3) What is the ideal temperature to seal? Until now I´m boiling it.
    4) When the sealant level goes down (because of evaporation, because of boiling) do you just replenish with distilled water or is it necessary to mix more sealant?
    5) It is a little difficult to get the Caswell sealant here in Mexico.. is it OK, to just us nickel acetate? if so, What would be the recommended ratio to DW?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I can't speak to Caswell sealants particularly but they all have a lifespan.

    The sealant I use has about a 1000 hours of continued heated life. On and off heating reduces it's life to about half I have found. I record how long it was heated to get a good idea. As it evaporates you simply top up with Di or distilled (your choice). As the sealants life comes to an end you'll notice a chalky residue after sealing that can be wiped off in the beginning but as the sealant gets older it gets harder to remove. I'm no help with your Nickel Acetate dilution question.