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Can't seem to get Power supply settings correct.

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  • Can't seem to get Power supply settings correct.

    Hi, got my kit built up, and am sorta anodizing now. The problem seems to be setting my power supply settings

    using a 720 rule calculator

    my part is
    6 amp.ft
    1.98 amps
    15 volts DC

    I set my power supply to 15volts, and the highest the amps get to is 0.51A. Then the part won't really take dye.

    next try

    I crank my voltage to get to CC 1.98 amps and the voltage was around 24volts I think. The part is now pitted and the dye washes out in the sealant bath.

    What am I missing here?? how do I set 1.98 amps at 15 volts?

    10 amp 30 volt Constant current DC power supply.
    part is connected with titanium wire with 0.01 ohms of resistance.
    Lead cathode plates are scrubbed before each try
    Anodize bath is 70 degrees.
    baum is 1.6
    parts are degreased in caswell degreaser solution at 130 degrees
    parts are etched in lye
    dipped in Alumium brightener stuff sold by caswell
    water for all the mixes is super duper filtered
    everything is within manufacture spec PH and PPM wise.
    color and sealer bath tempature, PH and PPM are good

    Growing anodise film is the only variable not nailed down.

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    If your power supply is capable of CC, you should be able to set the current (Amps) and let the voltage fall where it may. Is there a CC light on your PS to denote if you're in CC mode or not?

    If your surface area calcs are correct and the acid bath is mixed correctly, when you set your amps to 1.98, your volts should fall in close to 15V.


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      Yes it's a CC power supply, but It will only limit once it hits 15A If never climbs to 15A I cant set it to 15A. so I set it to 15v it only climbs to .51A

      Should I crank the voltage and limit the amps? I tried that once and got pitting.

      I'm setting the PS to 21volts and getting .96A which is sorta working but I think it could be a lot better.

      Surface area is derived from CAD is it is accurate acid is mixed correctly and verified with a baume acid measurer at 1.6 baume.

      Is it just a cheap power supply? or am I missing something?
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        I did a lot of searching and found this thread. seems to answer it.

        Voltage doesnt matter just set the amps it seems


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          Yes. That’s what I said in my post. With CC anodizing you set your amps and the voltage should level out to around 15V.


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            One thing I forgot to mention. If you only have a 15V power supply, it’s possible you could be hitting its limit and most switching power supply’s will automatically kick out of CC mode whenever the voltage gets above the limit (in your case 15V). That’s why I won’t use anything below a 20V supply, to give you some room in the event the volts climb beyond 15V. As your bath accumulates aluminum, you'll find that the voltage starts to climb above 15V when anodizing at 6ASF. I use a 30V supply for this reason.


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              Hi....I've ran into multiple cases where people are plugged into receptacle that is controlled by a switch (many states require you to have one because of building codes). What happens is the switch is turned off meaning no power is coming from the receptacle. Also make sure that if your plugged into a GFI (ground fault interrupter) receptacle, it hasn't been triggered. I've seen some people that are using some bigger psu's will trip the GFI because of the extra load.