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    I ran a bunch of parts. All went well. Went out to do a run the next day and I noticed my bath was a bit cloudy and had a brownish tint to it. Any ideas what mightve caused it? It was a fresh bath the same day I ran the first bunch of parts

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    after further inspection after I took a few hours to calm myself down, the acid bath is just a bit cloudy. it seems that my last bath setup was a bit more clear. Maybe I'm wrong


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      Any ferrous metal get in the tank by chance through fixture bolts or the like?


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        Any update on this ?
        Jason Vanderbroek
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          I found a steel bolt in my rack that the customer mistaked as an aluminum bolt. it went through stripper and desmut with other parts. Maybe that caused it? I was out of town last week and I reset my tank with all brand new acid this week. Got it up and running a few racks of parts. I think we're gonna be ok!


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            also, when I cleaned my buss har, I used a steel wire wheel to clean it, which I found out later is not a good idea. possibly some fine steel particles may have landed in the bath?