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Black dye has green tint

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  • Black dye has green tint

    Has anyone had experience with caswell black dye turning green?

    I am new to anodizing.

    We use the 720 rule when anodizing following CC.,

    dye PH 6.4 temp 140F dye time 15 min.

    sq ft 0.53
    amps 7
    volts are 4.3
    time in solution 42 minutes
    12% acid solution
    tank temp 71F

    Sealant is 5.8 ph 200F 20 minutes. Nickel Acetate

    I think it could be the dye? My gold S, violet DS did not have green tint after sealing.

    I dumped my dye, rinsed bucket and am refiling now. However, i ordered several pints of black dye at the same time. So really, i just dumped one and am most likely filling my dye bath back with a black dye mixed from the same batch by Caswell.

    Does anyone suggest a different dye supplier?

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    Is the Dye in the bath container turning Green ? or Spots of Green on the piece once dyed ?
    Jason Vanderbroek
    315 946 1213 x116


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      The dye in container is very black. I tried to upload a photo but it says the file size is too big. If you give me your email address i'll send the photo to you directly.

      It's certain areas that are almost a translucent color of green.


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        Jason Vanderbroek
        315 946 1213 x116