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  • Surface issues

    Wondering if anyone can please give me some advice on the issue shown in the pictures,
    with the white type rings on the surface, before sealing.

    I had the same on a previous batch but assume the acid was still on part and hadnt been rinsed properly but this time
    around its repeating and all look the same pattern in the same area which is confusing.

    Due to UK laws on acid I have no option but to use Sodium Bisulfate, NaHSO4 @ 25% concentration
    When using the 720 and correct surface area, I can set to the required AMPs and run in CC mode yet my Volts are always over the 15v recommended.
    Example : 14 parts ( 3" surface area )
    Surface Area 42in²
    Thickness 0.75 Ft²
    Current Den 4.5 Amp/Ft²

    Set Current 1.31 Amp & 11.25 Peak Volts

    Current runs correctly on CC mode but the volts are always higher around 19 Volts
    I know this could be down to the concentration but unsure because I am using Sodium Bisulfate

    Had good results previously

    Some Info on process
    Chosen not to tumble these

    material 6082

    Freshly machined by myself
    Cleaned with soap detergent - Parts on Ti Wire
    Degreased in ultra sonic device for 10min ( caswell degreaser)
    Skipped etch ( etched previously and had issues and because fresh machined Skipped this time )
    Desmutt 5min
    Acid bath - 2 hrs (LCD 4.5Amp/Ft2 ) using 720 rule. - 70f - Ph between 1 - 2 - with Agitation
    Dye - 140f - 15min - Ph 5..5 / 6
    Seal 20min 30c - Low temp sealer
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    some ok results using Sodium Bisulfate


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      Brt123, check your messages


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        What is the Temp of your Anodize tank ?
        Jason Vanderbroek
        315 946 1213 x116


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          Originally posted by Caswellplating_Jason View Post
          What is the Temp of your Anodize tank ?
          Around 68 / 70 deg