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Help with LCD acid %

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  • Help with LCD acid %

    Managed to acquire some sulphuric acid 91% here in the uk

    So just wondering if anyone could help me out when it comes to the % required for LCD ,
    Seen some threads that suggest using around 4.88% by volume but also come across a thread with a well know user who suggested 10% acid to which I'm aiming for.

    Did some maths using 91% acid in a 20ltr tank for LCD @ 6 asf based on weight.
    Does it look about right before I proceed ?


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    So decided to go down the 91% @ 6asf with a concentration of 4.8% volume according to LCD .

    Had some good results after doing a couple of test runs to iron out any new set up issues with extraction , ph , new chemicals and so on.
    Issue on the green part maybe this is down to drag over i think ,

    Ran these parts at
    6 asf
    90 minutes 0.75mm thickness
    tank temps within range of 68 - 70f
    CC mode to required amps with the volts around 19v's

    Big thanks to gardinhackle for the input over the previous months you have been a really big help in sharing your knowledge.


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        That's awesome Brt123! It looks like there wasn't enough agitation in the tank especially with that green part as opposed to drag over of acid. Not sure what colour that first part is supposed to be but if it's meant to be black then there is something going on and it could be the agitation again.
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