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    Two anodizing attempts so far - Yuk.
    I am attempting to anodize an aluminium sphere to decorate a clock I am making. I have looked at a squillion you tubes with some confliction between them. For example 20 percent sulfuric acid. or 10 percent. Aluminum as good as lead I am told. I do not have any lead.

    I made a U shaped anodizer to fit in the plastic container so that the sphere could be suspended between them on aluminium wire. Surface area about 28 square inches. The surface area of the sphere is about 2 square inches.

    The first time I used caustic soda which removed all the polish I had carefully put on the sphere. I ran the power supply at about 2.5 amps with 20 percent acid and it looked like it was anodizing but after an hour the sphere was pitted and would not accept the RIT dye because I had it. Before I go to the expense of getting a better dye I need to see if I can get the system to function. No color penetrated the surface this time
    The second time I did not use caustic soda to preserve the polished surface. This time I used slightly less acid and ran the power supply at 0.68 amps. It seemed to be anodizing. After an hour the sphere looked a little better than the first time but does seem to have some rubbish on the surface. It will not accept color either.

    So I have a couple of things to try.

    I will pay more attention to cleaning the sphere although I did soak it overnight in mentholated spirits and then washed it with soap and water.

    I will clean the aluminum plates in case the rubbish on the sphere is coming from there. I planned to use a kitchen scourer to do that.

    I will use a maximum of 10 percent acid this time.

    If there are any suggestions or observation I will be grateful for your time. I have a number of projects in mind for the anodized aluminum and am quite happy to purchase a better quality dye, but first I need to get the system to work before I do that.

    Thank you
    Woodie 82

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    My best suggestion for you is to purchase the Caswell Plating Manual, It will narrow the process down for you.
    Jason Vanderbroek
    315 946 1213 x116