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  • Anodizing aluminum

    Helo, I am new in anodizing aluminum. I am trying anodizing two same part of aluminum in one procces anodizing but two of them have different result. Can you guys help me what is going on my anodizing procces?
    *I am using same parameter/treatment to both of them

    Here is my anodizing method :
    -. Clean with non-etch cleaner, then rinse
    -. etch in caustic soda for a minute, then rinse
    -. anodizing in sulfuric acid with 12 V 3 A power supply for 52 minutes, then rinse
    -. dye in room temperature for 20 minutes, then rinse
    -. seal in cool sealant for 10 minutes, then rinse

    the result is one part perfectly dyed but the other one like nothing happened with the part

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    Looks like the top part lost connection and is showing signs of localised overheating at the ends. By the sounds of your process I assume you are running 12 ASF, which if so, ideally you want your electrolyte density to be around 185g/L and then you'd want to run for 60 minutes. The dye should be heated to 120 degrees and sealing is best done using a mid-temp nickle acetate product for 20 minutes at 180 deg. Fixing your parts to a nice heavy gauge 1000 series soft aluminium wire will ensure it doesn't loose connectivity in the tank. Make sure you have good agitation or you'll burn the parts (sort of like the top one at the ends). Good luck and report back with your success.


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      I am using 1.5 A/squre dm current density and use aluminum wire for my hanger. I shape my aluminum wire like letter U and hang my part at the end of wire (in the one of hole in my part aluminum). For the acid, I am using 1 part of Battery Acid and 3 part of water. Sure my anodizing set up doesnt have any agitation system yet.
      Thanks for the advice Mr.


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        Don't just hang you parts from the wire, bend it in such a way that you can jam it in a hole with some pressure. That way it won't loose connection so easily.


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          I am trying to attach aluminum wire in 2 hole of my aluminum part and it worked for me. But right now I cant anodizing 2 part at once time LOL