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Anodizing 7075 T6 losing my mind

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  • Anodizing 7075 T6 losing my mind

    HI, i am making motorcycle sprocket in aluminion 7075 T6 and tryting to anodizing them, but i´m not reaching good results. i made some with good results but its not consistent
    (i´m from Argentina, so excuse me for my english)

    1. Once time i finish the mecanized i clean the sprocket with industrial detergent and the piece pass the waterbreaker
    exist some way to clean the piece without brushing? because for the shape of the sprocket it´s takeme a long time

    2. i put the piece in baking soda (29%) at ambient temperature
    i leave the piece until its uniform black, i know it´s wrong to made until.... but if i just leave 5 minutes the results is worse

    3. put the piece in clorhidric acid for 10 second

    4. Anodize the piece, i´m using TI wire to attach the piece, i believe the contact is strong enough, i am using new battery acid at 29% diluiled 1:2 (acid / water) 2.6 gallon of acid at 29% and 5,28 gallon of water. in this example the piece is 90in2 and use 5 amp for 90 minutes. at 69 F i am using a rectifier 24V 20 Amp

    5. put the piece in black aniline for 40 minutes or 5 hours (doesnt change the result)

    6. seal in boiling water for 20 minutes with this result

    i use to have some good results but right now i´m not reaching ani result at all. the good result i made with used acid battery car. the i didnt anodize for 2 week (for some personal problems) and when i trie again i cant reach anithing, i believe the acid was bad so i buy new battery acid but is the same. and i stuck.

    next monday i will recive nitric acid at 60° but that know its better but i dont know why i reach good result before with clorhidric acid.

    i use pump for circulation, air, and without agitation at all and is the same (the best result was without agitation)

    i will put some picture with bad result and with good

    any help is appreciated

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    Others bad experiencies, (the orange is pretty good)