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Anodizing heating elements failing

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  • Anodizing heating elements failing

    I purchased a bunch of 1500W heating elements for my homebrew anodizing system, but they seem to fail pretty quickly. When things are working correctly, the Caswell system does a very nice job. However, the inability to precisely control the bath temperatures definitely effects to the anodizing repeatability. I have attached a picture of the element I use. Out of six, I lost two within 20 hours of use. At 55 bucks a piece on Amazon I was not very happy. So, I designed and machined an adapter that allows me to install standard hot water heating elements on 5-gallon buckets. Pretty cheap, since I can buy 1500-2000W elements at Home Depot for about 10 bucks each. I 3-D print the covers and it works pretty nicely. Dependable and no leaks. Some of these guys are at 50 hours plus of operation without failure. I attached a picture (the inside of my design). Let me know if you want me to hook you up at [email protected].