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trying to get light brown

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  • trying to get light brown

    new to anodizing, have done a lot of test pieces so asking for some advice, have a 5 gallon bucket with 3-1 distilled water/ acid. the temp of the electrolyte bath is around 75 degrees, the problem that I have is that the anodize layer is a dark gray, so when I use caswells camo brown I'm trying to get light brown and all I get is a super dark brown no matter how long I leve the part in the dy, I had a large lead cathode, which did some searching and found out that it was way to big. so i bought a thin piece of aluminum to use and had the same problem. So cut the aluminum piece down again half of the aluminum and still same. I have but almost gave up on achieving a light brown. I have gray dye from caswells and it turned out great. thinking of dumping the electrolyte bath and start over. just not sure would effect the dark color of the anodization. I not sure what type the aluminum im using. I used the 720 calculator for the amps. has anyone ran into this?
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    What was your process area?
    What was your current density?
    How long did you run for?
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    Process control systems for Anodizers
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      2.7 inch squared per part and I do two at a time so total was 5.4 inches squared with .5 mill as the thickness. The 720 calculations gave me .22 amps @60 minutes. The 720 calculator defaults the current density @6, but not really sure how to calculate that?
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