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    ever since i've been using titanuim wire to hang my parts i have seen drasict draw. also would max out my power supply. doing a batch of parts with aluminuim wire would draw under 10 amps. doing the same exact parts with titatium hangers would draw over 30 amps or max my power supply out. has any one eles comes across this and how did you fix it.

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    Although I've never used titanium wires, I might be able to help. It sounds like you are using a constant voltage power supply. If you were using constant current, you would be setting the current, and allowing voltage to fluctuate.

    What would cause this? Less resistance in the overall setup. If V=I*R and V is fixed, R must decrease for I to increase. 30 amps... Wow! that definately is a lot of juice to be pulling. It sounds like you might have a short (or very near) circuit somewhere. That's the only thing I can think of that would cause that much of a current draw.

    how large are the pieces you are anodizing? To be drawing 30 amps, you'd better have at least 2 ft^2, otherwise you'll end up with tiny pores that won't dye very well.


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      was dying a paintball marker. my power supply is a 12 to 15volt consitent supply with a 40 amp max .
      it never crossed my mind till you said it about a constain voltage would in increase amps.

      but what i don't get is why the titanuim wire drives the amps so high. when the same amount of stuff with just useing aluminum wire draws under 10 amps at 12v.
      also i noticed that the titanuim wire also gets extremly hot.

      never had a problem with it taking dye.