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Potsked's horribly obfuscating current problem

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  • Potsked's horribly obfuscating current problem

    Ok, so after alot of reading and calculating i think i have a pretty good idea of what i don't know.

    I bought a CV power supply a few weeks ago from caswell. after figuring out it was a CV power supply i modified my procedure to keep the current up every 15 minutes.

    not realizing how ot really use PAR i used the instructions i found in the LCD instructions, which say that PAR is reached when current starts increasing rather than decrease.

    this led to the same old inconsistency problems with dyeing, ie blotches, too light colors, etc.. i sent back the CV power supply and im looking to buy a CC power supply, but after reviewing log info from runs with the CV power supply i've discovered that it wasn't so much the power supply as it was abnormalities in the resistance of my circuit.

    My log runs show that i not only had an extra ohm of resistance near the end of my run, but that i started out with 3 ohms to begin with. Since reading whistule's and fibergeeks thread i've deduced that we probably have a similar problem.

    Although fibergeek believes it to be a bad connection between the parts and the wire, i believe its something more, since by whistule's description he has adequate connections with expansion springs.

    has anyone else had similar problems with CV anodizing showing too much resistance?