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Is this a good CC power supply??

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  • Is this a good CC power supply??

    Please look at this power supply and see if it is sutable for constant current anodizing.

    Ebay item #2579699152


    Scott Hamilton

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    That power supply looks ideal. 30Volts should give you plenty of headroom to try out higher current densities and to overcome resistance if you have a poor electrode connection. Also, 20 amps, at 4.5 A/ft^2 will let you LCD anodize up to 4.4 square feet of parts... not too shabby for a DIY anodizing kit.

    It really looks suspiciously like the 30V/5A Elenco brand power supply that I bought off of ebay, except mine has analog gages. The power switch appears to be identical. I'd have to guess that many different brands are actually all made in the same factory overseas. So far, I've had no complaints with my power supply.


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      yeah, i actually just bought that exact power supply, i would suggest getting it, as there's prob only one left now