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Efficacy of Ti alligator clips and attachemnts

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  • Efficacy of Ti alligator clips and attachemnts

    I have been meaning to find a way to effectively attach parts without wire. the time involved in bending the wire just the right way to get the best connection is not only time consuming, but really wreaks havoc on my hands. i know commercial shops wouldn't dream of hand connecting every part usinf wire, so im assuming that there is an effective way to make use of Ti clips.

    just to be exact, when i say Ti clips, i mean the Ti clips that one might order from Servi-sure.

    some have expressed the fact that the Ti clips wont have a strong enough connection, leving room for acid to get inbetween and cause a buildup of anodic layer and an increase in resistance. surely there must be an effective way to use Ti clips, for commercial shops are using them.

    if anyone is currently using Ti clips or attachments in lieu of wire, what is your experience with them?


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    I downloaded the Servi-sure catalog. I see no alligator clips.

    The only hardware I see that looks suitable is their X69 Ti screw clamp, everything else will probably not provide enough spring pressure to make a liquid tight connection point. An all titanium alligator clip with a real heavy spring would be ideal.


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      i was referring to the clips in the rear of the catalog. i find it unlikey that someone would sell a product like that to commercial shops if it was wholly inadequate. have you tried their products? has anyone?


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        Like I said; inadequate for LCD.

        LCD is intended for the "power supply challenged", where you don't have extra voltage available to drop in the connections. As would be the case with a 12V battery charger. In you case (30V and 20A) you can afford to drop some voltage, so this may be OK for you. It may be harder to detect PAR with the changing extra resistance.

        Are you setting up your power supply as NeoMoses describes?

        I did a search for titanium alligator clips or similar, I haven't found anything.


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          I've used the clips with some success from Servisure. I just recieved them yesterday. I'm using a battery charger set at 2 amps with the dimmer switch hookup. I had 6 X 1.5" X 3" plates hooked up some with the spring clips a couple with those thin metal clips (they scratched the heck out of the parts). Out of the 6 one failed.