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  • Surface area measurements

    I've just recently setup my system. I setup a large battery charger 2/35/200 with the dimmer switch as recommended by the LCD system. I've tried a couple parts and am fairly happy with the results. The 1st piece came out alright but abit light, it was a gold part. The 2nd parts I did I strung a bunch of small ones together but ran it for a longer time. My problem is that it seems quite impossible to calculate the surface area of these complicated contoured machine parts with lightning holes and everything. I just ran the 2nd batch about 1/4 power for 5 min then 1/2 power for 5 min, then full up for 1/2 hour. I see all the posts about inconsistant results but so far everythings worked out alright am I missing something? There is one of the parts in the scrolling marque on my web site, here:

    I did notice one thing (thank goodness for the LCD usage of the dimmer). I ramped the power up all the way when I first started the 2nd set because I wanted to see what the difference was. The titanium wire stated glowing red so I backed it off all the way and went a bunch slower and that seemed to work alright.
    One other thing that sealer seems quite noxious, it's way more stinky than the acid, anybody else have this problem?