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  • Cathode

    i just bought a bigger tank for anodizing and the lead plates i have are too small for it. can i use some pieces of aluminum sheet instead without any problems?

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    Aluminum will work fine for cathodes. Make sure that it is not anodized or has any type of treatment, such as thin plastic coating. Giving it a good sanding to remove any contaminant is the best thing to do.

    The only problem with using aluminum is that you will have to re-sand it every time you use it, as it collects a white-coating that will reduce its effectiveness.


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      On the note of using aluminum for cathodes you have to remember that aluminum such as a 6063 alloy may carry up to 1000 amps per square inch so depending on the size of parts you are anodizing is dependant on the size of the cathodes in the anodizing solution.
      Titanium will carry up to 450 amps per square inch and must be used carryfully not to burn your parts.


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        Bp, from the thread above this one, it sounds like you are "in the business", am I right?

        Your comments about aluminum vs. titanium conductivity are correct. Most of us here are using either constant current anodizing, or are ramping the voltage (the battery charger/dimmer business). In the former case (CC) burning is not possible because the CC is maintaining the preset current regardless of anode/cathode conductivity. This control is automatic and very accurate. In the latter case (charger/dimmer) burning is possible if voltage isn't being adjusted to hold the current constant.

        Lately, constant current power sources in the 1 to 10KW (and up) range are on the Market from manufactures like Xantrex, Sorensen, and Agilent (HP). Prices are generally comparable to conventional rectifiers in the same power range.

        We'll be looking forward to more posts from you. Due to the scale you're working on, your point of view is very different from the rest of us. We're all ears.


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          Thanks for the reply and you are correct, I manage a anodizing and powder paint line.
          I found Caswells website in my search for equipment to start up my own powder paint shop (hopefully soon). I seen the forum and I love discussing Anodizing techniques because it is all the same principle but everyone has thier own techniques and it makes it very interesting and fun.
          I plan to spend more time on this website now that I have learned of your types of Anodizing. Not for business but to learn more. You have my interest.