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  • sealing ?

    latly when i've been sealing annodized parts i have been having a problem with it leaving the part duel ( black dye the most). but it's shines right up it seems to be that excces dye is drying to the parts.

    i rinse the parts after dyeing and use new sealer each time. ( keep forgetting to put the sealer away). could it be cause i'm using the steaming method over the submerging it the the sealer.

    thanks in advance

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    The steaming before immersion method does wonders for dye retention if your anodize layer isn't exactly great. But this is normally done with a boiling water sealing method. I don't know if it works properly with the various nickel acetate sealants, but from what your saying it looks like it does. There is the minor drawback of leaving some dried on dye on the surface. This can be removed by scrubbing it with a wet paper towel. This won't hurt the anodize at all.


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      but will steaming and then boil actauly melt away the allready dryed dye from steaming? if so it may be worth while for me to setup 2 cure tanks.

      i do alot of colors and steaming seems to retain the color that the part is when it came out the dye. little better for color matching.


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        I don't think so, but its worth trying.


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          i'll try it next time around and let you guy's know



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            Re: sealing ?

            How long do you need to boil it in plain water?


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              Re: sealing ?

              Usually 15 to 30 min depending on coating thickness. It's about 2 minutes per .1 mil of coating thickness.