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"water break" test.....

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  • M_D
    I found that the desmut causes problems that way too, and have found it must be rinsed very thouroughly or even washed again to prevent an uneven surface.

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  • Sid03
    started a topic "water break" test.....

    "water break" test.....

    I noticed something strange. When I pull the part out of the cleaner it passes the water break test. After I put it in the desmut for 3 minutes, sometimes it then fails the water break test. If I then put it back in the cleaner for 3-5 minutes and in the desmut for 1 minute, it will then pass before going into the ano tank. Any idea why? Is 3 minutes too much for the desmut? Is something wrong with the desmut? Im using all caswell chem's. Thanks