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How much to anodize?

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  • How much to anodize?

    I was thinking of getting some aluminum wheels anodized black, but I have no idea how much something like this would cost. I did a search on here, but didn't find anything. Anyone have any idea how much I could expect to pay? Just an idea really. It will be 4 brand new aluminum wheels for an ATV (two 9x9 and two 10x5). The few local places I called wouldn't do a "small" job like this. Thanks

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    The last time I quoted anodizing, I was looking at a minimum cost of around $300 per batch. A friend of mine has his parts anodized by M.A.X. anodizing in Texas. They do exceptional work and are not terribly expensive.

    Are the wheels currently anodized? If not, they might not be a good alloy for anodizing, anyway. You might look into powder coating them as well. It could be cheaper and still look very nice.


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      The commercial anodizer we use has a minimum of $75 per color, per order, I'm fairly sure that your wheels would cost no more than that from them.


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        I finally found a local place that would do the job for me. I couldn't believe the price....$10 per wheel! The guy said they do them all the time. Thanks for the answers.