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Power supply control?

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  • Power supply control?

    I just got a power supply(about 30 min ago!), I am just wondering how you guys set the current on your supply. From what I can tell on mine, I need to turn the voltage limiter off(fully CW - so there is no voltage limit) and have the current limit turned on fully(fully CCW - so there is no current flowing), do I then just adjust the current limit to get the desired current and let the voltage take care of its self?
    I am also assuming there is no reason to ramp up the current up slowly as the voltage will be doing this automatically when I set the current?


    The supply I bought can be seen here : ( )

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    you've got it, chevalier. Max out your Voltage settings and set your current to zero. When you power on, you'll be able to set your current to the desired setpoint, and the voltage will automatically compensate (up to the max available by the PS) and force the desired current through the circuit.

    BTW, the link didn't work for me.


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      Thanks for the reply, I'll give it a go now. I don't know why the link didn't work, here is the e-bay link it should be ok( ). Its a 0-18V 0-10A supply.

      Thanks again