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Would this be a good power supply for LCD?

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  • Would this be a good power supply for LCD?

    It is a Pyramid. Looks good to me. Just thought I would check with the pros on this.

    Input: 110/60 Hz
    Input Current:
    230mA @ 0A Load
    2.21A @ 5A Load
    Output Current: 0-5A Adjustable
    Output Power: 0-30V Adjustable
    Fine & Coarse Voltage Adjustments for
    Accurate Settings
    Ripple: 50mV Peak to Peak Max @ 5A Load
    Load Regulation: ?2%
    Short Circuit Protection
    Overload Protection with Reset Button
    Dual Gauges (Current/Voltage)
    Safety In-line Jack
    Positive, Negative and Ground Output
    Complete with Test Leads and Manual
    Suitable for Scientific & Technical Applications
    Dimensions: 11.5"L x 9"W x 4.75"H

    I also have a small question. When you do not know the part's size in ft^2, is it safe to feed it a small current and watch the voltage for par? Thanks.

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    That power supply will do fine.

    It will take less work in the long run if you take a stab at calculating the surface area. You will get close enough in practice if you wrap the work with a piece (or pieces) of paper; trying not to overlap the paper, and covering as much of the surface as you can, inside and out. Then unwrap it and measure the paper. The approximate area is the length x width of the paper. If your measurements were in inches, divide the result by 144 to yield the area in sq.ft.