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Great red with slightly warmer (72F) electrolyte temp.

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  • Great red with slightly warmer (72F) electrolyte temp.

    I know some have been having problems with red, so I figured I'd post this.

    Today when anodizing, the tank was about 72 degrees to start with
    rather than the usual 65-68 degrees. The result? One of the most
    vibrant reds I've ever achieved. It's hard to describe exactly how
    bright this red is, but it positively glows. I have heard before (on that anodizing at around 72-74 degrees will yield
    slightly larger pores and better dye absorption than the cooler 65-68
    degrees, but this is the first time I have tested it. Perhaps it's
    time for me to invest in chillers/coolers to keep the tank at a nice
    comfortable 72 degrees.

    Here's a couple pics, enjoy! (~151 KB)

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    72 degrees eh?

    In the Fibergeek notes, this number is mentioned as being the optimum!

    Fancy that!!!!!!
    :P :P :P

    The cutie on the magazine looks great, but she detracts from the color. Any chance of retaking the shot with a plain background
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      Originally posted by caswell
      ...The cutie on the magazine looks great, but she detracts from the color. Any chance of retaking the shot with a plain background
      Ok, I guess I can do that. I used the magazine as a comparison for the red, since digital cameras can sometimes 'skew' the colors under different lighting. Here's one with a plain background. (~36 KB)


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        Just to add my 2 cents...I had the best results when the electrolyte was 72-74F also.


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          red temp

          I didn't see it mentioned if any body had used an aquarium heater to maintain the temp of the anodize tank in the cold states. I'm giving it a try this weekend but wondered what other results people might have had using one of those.

          Russ Wizinsky


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            I'll let you know after this weekend too. I'll be using one of adjustable glass heaters 60-90F if I remember correctly. It should work perfectly for heating the electrolyte to 72F.


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              My reds came out much darker, they were very deep. I'll do more experimenting tommorow, but I was very happy with the results. I do wish the reds would have been brighter. What red did you use?

              Russ Wizinsky


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                My test piece is still in the soup. I think I have about 15 minutes left before I reach PAR.

                I'm using black. On previous tests my electrolyte was 57F and the black was blotchy and uneven. When I raised the temp of the electrolyte to 74F, the black was deep, dark and even.

                The heater seems to work well, although I'll have to calibrate its temperature. The dial isn't anywhere near being accurate, so I'm just turning it off and on by pulling the plug. What you do have to be careful of is that the heater is out of the way so that it doesn't create a shadow effect on your work piece.