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    This may seem like a simple question, but is there an easy way to measure the surface area of a complex-shaped part (like a motorcycle engine side cover, or cylider with fins) for estimating the power requirements for LCD anodizing? And if not, then what do you recommend?

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    Are all the fins the same height? If so, you can simply measure the length of each fin (string, tape measure, etc...) and multiply by the height. Don't forget to multiply this number by 2 to get the total surface area (2 sides). The jug should be fairly easy to approximate.

    I've also heard others talk of stretching paper/foil over the part, with no overlaps, and then measuring the foil once removed. For me, I find it's just about as easy to measure and multiply, writing down each area I calculate, then adding them all up.

    Also, LCD anodizing works and dyes well in the 4.5-6 A/ft^2 region, so if you're unsure about the exact surface area, aim for 5.25 ASF and you'll have a bit of margin on either side.

    Hope it helps!


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      Yes it does; thank you.