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Nitric Acid/Desmut problem....Help

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  • Nitric Acid/Desmut problem....Help

    I'm running into a problem with a chemical purchased from Hobby Plating.......imagine that. I originally bought desmut from them, before I got the rest of my order as well as the dilution and usage instructions, they had him in jail. At any rate, the 2 five gallon containers I have are marked as follows:

    Desmut Concentrate-

    Corrosive liquids, Acidic, Inorganic N.O.S. , Nitric Acid Mixture UN-2031 PG ll

    Warnings are as follows: Health 3, Flammability0, Reactivity 1, Personal Protection CR

    There are a few other warnings on the containers pertaining to emergency treatments and such. Problem being, I didn't get any directions for the dilution or usage of this product. Secondly I wasn't aware of desmut containing nitric acid ( I thought bright dip was nitric acid.) Note... this is not the desmut light product also sold by the aforementioned Rat &@$^@%! at hobby plating. This is the industrial version, probably purchased from another manufacturer with his label stuck on the corner of the manufacturer's contents sticker. The product came in two white, handled, round, 5 gallon, chemical containers. I could sure use some help with this. Lance Caswell advised me to put it out on the forum to see if anybody has dealt with this product. I appreciate the help.

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    The general information I've found says to use Nitric acid at a 30% (by volume) concentration to desmut. However, most agree that plain nitric acid is not enough to completely desmut, thus there are many proprietary mixtures available.

    The main problem I see is this: if you don't know the concentration of the acid you have, how will you know how much to dilute it? Wish I could help you more, but that's about all I know. Perhaps you could contact the manufacturer of the acid if their information is still on the box.