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    I have an older Sytron power supply that I bought used. Unfortunately the power supply doesn't have a manual and I have been unable to find any info online pertaining to it. The PS has two double stacked sets of adjustment knobs on it two for voltage and two for current. The knobs are configured as a main adjustment knob with an adjustable collar around it which comes about 1/2 way up the main knob. Both voltage and current are set up this way. I have found that the current knob doesn't seem to do anything but the voltage knob works fine and registers on each of the scales (voltage and current.) The voltage climbs while maintaining current through the run. If anybody has any experience with this set-up, I would appreciate some input. So far I have been running parts gang racked that come out close to 1sq ft at around 6 amps with great results and no problems......Thanks Caswell,

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    I have an old Systron Donner power supply (60V 5A), constant current doesn't work at all. These things were made in the late '60s to early '70s. Being this old the large capacitors have long since dried out and are shot. This means the ripple filtering is almost nonexistent, which is of no concern for anodizing, if the circuitry still works. I couldn't find a manual for mine. If there is a terminal strip with 5-10 connections on the back, you might need to jumper this correctly for CC mode. Auto crossover CC / CV wasn't invented yet for these old designs. I may still have some info on the terminal block wiring.
    If the voltage varies but the current stays constant during anodizing; constant current appears to work on yours, you should be able to control the current with the current knobs. The PS must have a load in order to see anything happen when you adjust the current knobs.

    Since I have a 1kW Xantrex CV / CC switching PS and several smaller CV /CC switchers of my own design, I don't use the old Systron Donner boat anchor.