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  • Rectifier Question

    Well we just bought a 25 amp rectifier and un packed to try it. no instructions came with it so im just guessing . So we hooked it up to the part roughly one square foot of surface area and tried to dial up the rectifier. The volt immediatly went up and so did the amps but the amps dropped off to almost nothing. The volts stayed up but the amps always drop off to zero. This seems to have happened to all the parts we tried with it and all connections were goodand can sombody shed some light on this for us thanks

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    I have looked inside of a Caswell 25 A rectifier; a simple and robust circuit, built like a tank, they're not easy to break.

    Since the meters will move you didn't blow the fuse. From what you describe; you may have damaged the ammeter shunt which is difficult at best to do, if we assume your connections are "good".

    It's more likely your connections aren't good, or aren't good anymore. How did you hook this up? and with what? You'll need to be pretty specific and detailed, I'm lousy at guessing.


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      thanks for your help i figured out what the prob was but im to embarresed to tell you. lets just say you were right