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Sufficient power supply?

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  • NeoMoses
    If using the battery charger with dimmer method for the LCD power supply, it should be OK. I believe you will want to use it in manual mode for anodizing, not automatic mode.

    If you plan on doing much anodizing at all, though, I would highly recommend a lab-type CC/CV power supply. From my experience, I estimate that this will save you enough time to pay for itself in about 10-15 batches of anodizing.

    The next step down would be a voltage adjustable power supply in the 0-15 or 0-18 volt range.

    Battery chargers are the least desirable power supply option, but they are very cheap.

    With all power supplies, amperage should be selected based on the batch sizes you intend to run. Remember that LCD anodizing is carried out at 3-6 Amps/ft^2, with 4.5 ASF being recommended.

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  • Wynn
    started a topic Sufficient power supply?

    Sufficient power supply?


    Would this battery charger be sufficient for anodizing?
    Schumacher Marine Deep Cycle 10 Amp

    It's a 12-volt, 10 Amp charger.